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Transform your software development process with DevOps services from LivaRava

The DevOps team at LivaRava works diligently to generate reliable systems of growth, decrease the time of feedback, guarantee dependable launch, and watch over operational effectiveness.

After an extensive research of the market and consumers, the quality of the product is calculated and increased. This therefore allows us to reach fast growth, progression, and launch, making for better user interaction and increased earnings.

This success is achievable with the aid of DevOps specialists collaborating with operation staff by using up-to-date approaches, automated functions, and individualized platforms.

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Our experts in DevOps Consulting and automation provide custom DevOps pipelines to help customers get rid of post-release issues that can hurt business operations.

Our DevOps services can help enhance the speed of application building and deployment while keeping efficient delivery. We also offer solutions that can be swiftly adjusted and updated to improve market growth.

  • Increase company earnings by cutting down the time it takes to deliver software and reduce transportation costs.
  • Make the instructions simpler so customers have a better understanding of how their product is developed and delivered, increasing their level of pleasure.
  • Streamline communication and allow customers to get their hands on all resources needed quickly by providing End-to-end DevOps solutions.
  • Automate the process of providing and managing infrastructure for better employee involvement and output.

Visualize how your corporation can drastically lessen digital procedures.

A product or upgrade that usually necessitated 20-30 persons to finish a month-long job can be accomplished in only one or two days with a single individual by utilizing the modern active development and operations technique with the help of LivaRava.

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Deriving business value from DevOps services


Increase development efficiency

DevOps utilizes automation to streamline the development and testing stages, allowing for an uptick in scalability of the project.

Companies can expeditiously introduce new versions and adjust to ever-fluctuating customer needs. Keeping everyone abreast of the progression of the project, the collaboration between engineers and testers is essential.


Immediately react to market changes and feedback

We distributed the inaugural iteration of the product to our users, and immediately assessed their response. We maintained this practice to ensure that our product would always comply to current customer needs and market standards.

Throughout the pre-launch phase, our developers attainted worthwhile knowledge from diligent assessment, guaranteeing that changes and amendments weren't preconceived notions, but rather, were accompanied by the fact-checked, authentic accounts from both our reviewers and users, along with real figures from the number of installations, ratings, and page visits.


Choose cost-efficient development practices

Our DevOps staff assumes obligation for technological structure, server maintenance, and assistance. You are able to place emphasis on essential business duties while we manage the advancement of services, from the inception to upkeep.

Thanks to our structured arrangement, you will be able to distribute your product expeditiously and effectively to users.


Prioritize security from the beginning

Our specialists who are competent in testing and security make sure the code is authentic, and that the performance and functioning of it is true. By repeatedly testing, we can reduce the chances of threats occurring early on in the development process and prevent any safety risks.

This tactic allows us to use precautionary measures when dealing with delicate data, inadequate authentication, etc. By the time the digital service is ready to expand, the secure methods are already established and applied, thus reducing the threat of any data breaches.


Quickly deliver ready solutions to end-users

Our DevOps consultants optimize software development, testing, staging, and deployment through automation. We identify manual processes that take up time, and utilize the right tools and infrastructure to facilitate solutions.

This allows DevOps engineers and testers to channel their attention towards problem-solving tasks that need their special attention.

Through the use of this methodology, software can be created much quicker than using traditional techniques, as the team quickly recognizes which tasks are of utmost importance and automates others. It is possible to construct a digital product somewhere between two to three times faster than before.

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DevOps Services by LivaRava

End-to-end DevOps implementation consulting

We can help you leverage connected and automate development, testing and deployment of your applications at any stage of your apps’ life cycle by:

  • Applying the Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) approach.
  • Applying app module containerization.
  • Setting up continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Introducing test automation.
  • Introducing automated application monitoring.

DevOps launch consulting

  • Carrying out strategic planning.
  • Developing a detailed DevOps implementation roadmap.
  • Upskilling your team in DevOps tools and ways of working.
  • Assisting in the DevOps solution setup.

DevOps project recovery consulting

Our experienced recovery team helps:

  • Find and fix collaboration problems between development, testing and operations teams.
  • Identify and fill in knowledge gaps in DevOps tools and methodologies.
  • Cope with technical problems (e.g., CI/CD configuration errors).
  • Optimize the automated testing coverage, and more.

DevOps tech consulting

  • Choosing, installing and configuring the right tools for an efficient DevOps environment.
  • Upskilling your team in the DevOps techs used.


What is DevOps?

DEVelopment OPeration is a system designed to better the productiveness and security of software engineering and operation (including elevating the amount of rolls out).

Why Choose LivaRava?

Our team of experts have vast experience with DevOps automation in order to provide you with the best solutions possible. Our team is highly experienced and will ensure that any project is completed on time and on budget no matter the complexity.

What is DevOps consulting?

Specialist DevOps consultancies provide guidance to Information Technology firms in order to facilitate the optimization of product development and delivery processes. They are also knowledgeable in devising enterprise cloud structures and strategies in order to facilitate the successful promotion of fresh solutions by such companies.

Are DevOps consulting services worth it?

No matter how long your organization has been providing DevOps services, you will always find yourself facing challenging projects. In such cases, you may not have the needed experience to ensure the customer's desired outcome.

As a standard, DevOps consulting businesses work with many clients and thus have experience in handling the most atypical issues and better global insights. By taking advantage of consulting professionals, you can make certain the setting up of a top-notch CI/CD pipeline based on top-notch tools and processes. Using the best DevOps approach consultancy services, you can make sure that you make the most of the solutions available.

By utilizing the expertise of specialist consultancies, you can be certain of building a top-notch CI/CD pipeline, following the industry's most highly acclaimed methods and technologies. By bringing in the most suitable DevOps strategy consulting services, your company will be primed to jump quickly to any shifts in the competitive landscape.

Need worry-free DevOps for your projects?

Our consultants, who have worked on numerous DevOps implementation ventures, can guide you in launching a fresh DevOps endeavor or quickly revitalize a faltering DevOps operation utilizing the highest quality DevOps equipment.

Where can DevOps consulting be used?

Today's DevOps services market is incomparably more competitive than ever, necessitating rapid project completion. When the customer's financing is finite, excellence must be attained without wasting time and energy.

DevOps consulting services enable a more effective alignment between ideas and plans by joining developers and engineers throughout the software building process. DevOps consulting corporations help to solve any discrepancies between the two.

What industries are we transforming?

  • Logistics
  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Fintech
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • VR/AR
  • and others

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